VitalityRED was founded by a team of Urological experts under Sygenx, Inc. Together they have built a center of excellence where this revolutionary treatment is performed on patients and other practicing providers are trained.

The VitalityRED Story

In 2010, our team of experts began integrating regenerative therapies into the Urological armamentarium in the treatment of various Urological pathologies.  The outcomes were excellent and a new era in performance treatments began.

In 2013, we learned of Low Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave, also known as Acoustic Wave Therapy, to manage Erectile Dysfunction. Based on the outcomes obtained in applying regenerative techniques, this new modality was a perfect complement.  An algorithm was formulated to use Acoustic Wave Therapy in conjunction with regenerative therapy for a restorative combination approach.

Since then, studies have been completed on hundreds of patients using this innovative combination for Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronies Disease and more. Durable success has been achieved in over 90% of patients.

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