For those who suffer from erectile dysfunction finding a lasting and effective solution becomes imperative. While psychological factors may play a small role in ED, scientists have determined that there are a variety of physiological issues that can be the cause of ED. Vascular disease has been shown to increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. For long-term treatment, it is important to address the cause of ED.


VitalityRed is a revolutionary treatment for ED that may eliminate the need for medications. Highly trained doctors use a combination of shockwave therapy and restorative therapies, allowing patients to achieve a natural, spontaneous erection.

During a consultation, your physician will discuss your medical history, personal concerns and perform an exam before recommending a plan of treatment best suited to your needs. Many patients originally come to their physician feeling discouraged and anxious, having tried alternate treatments or concerned about continued use of medications. VitalityRed is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical treatment therapy. Most patients do not need additional medications and enjoy a healthier and more productive sex life.

VitalityRed is the most natural way to restore healthy blood flow to the penis. Understanding and pinpointing the underlying physical cause of ED can often bring a sense of relief to many patients and eliminates any psychological inhibitors.

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